New Zealand Native Birds

Our Special Birds

New Zealand has some of the most beautiful and stunning native birds in the world. From the Kiwi (our national bird) to the Tui, Kakapo or Kaka. There is much that defines our native birds from the rest of the world. This site is dedicated to the beauty of New Zealands native bird life, the conservation of our beautiful country and why our native birds are some of the most unique in the world. Here you will find information on some of our native birds and heaps of useful links.There are many reasons why the birdlife of New Zealand is remarkable and special, and even subject to lots of attention from the rest of the world. A lot of it has to do with the lack of that power that makes a bird a bird ie the ability to fly! Flying uses a lot of energy, but most birds do it, and it increases the types of food they can eat, as well as enabling them to access insects and fruit at the tops of trees. It also helps them to escape from predators, and this is the key to why so many birds in NZ evolved to either lose the ability to fly, or not to do it very well. With no predators present in NZ, and plenty of good food available many species gradually lost the power of flight.

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